Finding your life purpose using these three techniques

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As easy as it may sound, finding our life purpose is one of the greatest tasks we face in our lifetime. it even becomes as complex as mixing millions of elements in a chemical reaction and thinking we are getting a single product. The complexities of everyday decisions we make and actions we have to accomplish in other to survive the daily challenges we face make it difficult to find our unique purpose. But using these simple techniques below can be powerful in understanding the legacy we want to leave in the universe, just like Elon musk trying to make us a multi-planetary species.

The gravestone technique

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According to Steve jobs, “Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent, it clears the old and makes way for new”. So what do you want to be remembered for when you are gone. What message do you want to be written on your gravestone?

The funeral technique

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This is powerful in terms of what you want people to talk about you at your funeral. what is your legacy during your lifetime?

The Wikipedia technique

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what message do you want a Wikipedia article written about you to convey to the world?




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Kamal samaila

Kamal samaila

A tech savvy

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